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Montana Outpatient Data Reporting Expansion

Montana Outpatient Data Reporting Expansion - Complimentary Training

MHA is expanding the services that will be reported in your outpatient services category effective with July 1, 2018 discharges.
See complete information on the original memo

Schedule a Training Session:
Complete this form: Data Submission Training Request Form to request a personal training appointment. 

  • Training sessions are available Monday - Friday 9am-3pm CT  

  Who should attend:

  • All Montana Data Coordinators
  • Facility IS staff involved with internal monthly abstract discharge reports
  • Vendors involved with COMPdata data submission
Learning Objective:
  • Understand what new data will be collected
  • How best to prepare for the data expansion
  • MHA submission expectations
  • Question and answer session 
Webinar Handouts:

Provide Swing Bed NPI Prior to Start of Submission:

  • Email Us  your NPI for your swing bed unit, prior to submitting the data.
  • The COMPdata Support Team will reply when you can begin swing bed submissions.