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Products and Services

Products and Services


COMPdata, Informatics' premier product line, has been providing health information services since 1987. Our comprehensive database contains administrative billing data from all hospitals within the state. Access to this database allows our customers to not only view their own data, but also to view data about their peer or neighboring hospitals.

COMPdata subscribers run over 40,000 customized reports each year for their own analysis purposes. By using COMPdata's powerful, customized query tool you can generate timely and valuable information for market analysis, financial and charge comparison reports, and physician analysis.  

Data Submission Service
The quality, validity and accuracy of our database is unsurpassed. COMPdata employs a comprehensive, time-tested data submission and feedback process that ensures the data submitted to our database accurately reflects the environment you are assessing.

COMPdata offers highly valued and quality data submission services in separate states. Our commitment to data integrity ensures the most timely, high quality, and accurate data are available to COMPdata subscribers 91 days after the close of each calendar quarter. COMPdata successfully processes over 10 million clean records each year.

Training and Support

Relevant and timely training, along with unparalleled customer support, differentiate COMPdata from other vendors. We approach our customer relationships as true partnerships, providing support and assistance on an ongoing basis.

Training is provided to all new customers, ensuring that they have the expertise to take full advantage of the solutions we provide. Training webinars to support advanced skills and enhance knowledge in specially focused topics are also offered to foster continued learning.

A dedicated customer service team is available to all customers, through both email and phone support. This team is committed to assisting our customers become productive and successful with the use of our products and services.