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Montana Case Counts

Montana Data Reporting - Case Counts and Compliance Rate Resolution Training

Learn how case counts play a major role in completing the quarterly submission process: MHA and COMPdata have teamed up in an effort to have 100% of Montana facilities on board with entering case counts. Case counts complete quarterly reporting, and reports provided to MHA.  These reports are also published on the COMPdata Report Tool.

Schedule a Training Session:

Complete this form: Case Count Compliance Training Request Form to request a personal training appointment. 

  • Training sessions are available Monday - Friday 9am-3pm CT  
Who Should Attend:
  • Data Coordinators
  • Facility IS staff involved with internal monthly abstract discharge reports
  • Vendors involved with COMPdata data submission

Learning Objective:

In this webinar you will obtain an understanding of:
  • Monthly case counts and the entry process
  • How count accuracy affects the usefulness of internal and external data analysis
  • How to resolve count discrepancies

Download the following handouts prior to the webinar

For assistance: or call 866-262-6222