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Complimentary Subscriber Training

COMPdata offers focused training for facilities that subscribe to our Reporting Tool system for comparative hospital data analysis. Whether you are responsible for planning, decision support, financial, quality improvement, or risk management activities, our training sessions will assist you in effectively managing your analysis tasks. Offerings include operation of the Reporting Tool system, review of common analysis reports, analysis tips, executive level data overviews, and various personalized advanced training sessions.

COMPdata is excited to announce a new Reporting Tool version release  The release brings new enhancements, updates built on existing functionality, and dashboard re-organization designed for a more user-friendly analytical experience. 
New and enhanced features include:
  • Expanded filtering across dashboards
  • Enhanced custom views
  • Tabbed dashboard navigation
  • New dashboard organization
  • Easier access to resources
  • Additional 5th column on data table 
We invite members to learn more as we introduce the new version and demonstrate features at informational sessions held on the following dates.  Please join us!
New Subscriber Training: Schedule a Training Session
Complete this form: Subscriber Training Request Form to request a personal training appointment.  Who Should Attend:
  • New Subscribers
  • Existing Subscriber Seeking
    • Refresher course Training,
    • Training on new or specific dashboard(s)
    • Advanced training on member question or defined use case
Learning Objectives:
At the end of training, participants will be able to:
  • Gain a better understanding of the COMPdata source of data and data availability
  • Navigate through the COMPdata system
  • Interpret and utilize functionalities and capabilities of the dashboards
  • Carryout steps to analyze data, benchmark, and create reports
  • Identify the different COMPdata resources