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New Customers-Nurse Staffing

New Customers- Nurse Staffing Data Reporting IDPH

Welcome, as a new customer we want to ensure you begin with the right tools and information to be successful in this new role. To begin, please complete the following:

 COMPdata's Data Submission System is web-based and HIPAA-compliant.

  • Establish an authorized Primary and Secondary User one per account
  • Users must be authorized by the facilities CEO or an authorized designate
User Account and HIPAA Compliance:  The Primary User is designated for each facility, in order to manage User accounts.  Primary users must contact us immediately of a User’s status change e.g. separation of employment, or duties and ensure inactive accounts are removed from our system.

Instructions:  New account request require you to upload written authorization by the Primary COMPdata User or another designate.  For assistance